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Saturday, October 7

Yard Sale


No early birds please


Museum and Carriage Shed Open for Visitors

Our free museum and carriage shed will be open for viewing. Come visit our museum and the post and beam carriage shed. The shed houses larger artifacts including the old Town Hearse.


Clothing Donation Drive

Drop off your clothing at the Stevens-Buswell Community Center. Look for the large yellow container.


To learn more about the Bedford Community Center,

please visit here.


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Visitor Information

Schoolhouse #7 and Kendall Shop Museum buildings are open most Wednesdays 10 am-Noon. Please stop by and visit our museum. If you would like to schedule a visit at another time, please contact us at (603) 471-6336 or


If you would like to visit the Stevens-Buswell Community Center. Please contact us at (603) 471-6336 or


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