The Diary of Matthew Patten of Bedford, N.H. from 1754 to 1788




This book was originally published in 1903 from the original diary of Matthew Patten which is part of the Bedford Historical Society of Bedford, New Hampshire’s collection.  This book is from the second printing, published in 1993 and includes a Name Index and a Place and Occupation Index.  These were not part of the original 1903 publication.

This 596 page, hard cover book, describes the life of Matthew Patten  during the early time of Bedford’s early settlement.  Much of Bedford’s known history of these early years comes from Mr. Patten’s account of his life.  Matthew and his brother Samuel were the second group of people to settle in Bedford, NH.  The first being the Walker Brothers.

(Published in 1993 by the Picton Press)

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